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Orange launches global asset-tracking service

Iain Morris
September 24, 2014

French telecoms operator Orange has launched a new M2M geolocation offering allowing enterprises to track assets and equipment anywhere in the world using cellular networks.

The service, which is being offered through the Orange Business Services enterprise division, will provide feedback on field operations and allow organizations to manage equipment remotely.

It should also bring allow customers to undertake preventive maintenance, whereby assets are closely monitored to ensure that no problems are developing.

Orange (Paris, France) says that two flavors of the service will be available – a ‘turnkey’ option and an ‘API’ option.

The turnkey option is accessible from Orange Business Services’ web portal while the API version is designed to be integrated with an enterprise’s own IT environment.

The operator says the geolocation service can remotely query the SIM card in less than a minute and determine the country where the equipment is located and the network to which it is connected.

It can also determine the geographic location and position of the terminal, as well as the hardware identify through the SIM card’s International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

The service is supposed to operate without the need for software development or GPS hardware additions and will provide location services both indoors and outdoors.

Orange says its technical experts have developed an M2M SIM card that will handle connection to any type of cellular network.

They have also designed a platform for collecting geographical information and displaying the information on a map.

Like many of Europe’s other telecoms incumbents, Orange has prioritized M2M and the Internet of Things as growth opportunities.

The operator is facing a slowdown in its traditional business activities and hoping that revenue from asset tracking, fleet management and other M2M services will help to offset this decline.

Orange Business Services says it is able to leverage its “dual capabilities” as a global operator and integrator to support companies from their connectivity needs to end-to-end solutions.
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