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Hitachi teams up with Clarion on connected car development

Iain Morris
September 24, 2014

Japan’s Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is to form closer ties with US-based electronics company Clarion Corporation as it looks to spur the development of new connected car services that could lead to improvements in performance and safety.

Clarion Corporation is a subsidiary of Japan’s Clarion (Saitama, Japan), which has been a consolidated subsidiary of the Hitachi Group since 2006.

HDS (Tokyo, Japan) and Clarion (Cypress, CA, USA) believe they can work together on developing new services that can be deployed in the next generation of Clarion in-vehicle connectivity products.

HDS says the collaboration will give manufacturers usable insights into the way vehicles are being driven and performing in a variety of conditions.

These technologies could have major benefits for both manufacturers and consumers by bringing the provider and the end user closer together.

HDS says that predictive maintenance services would allow manufacturers to gain insight into key maintenance data points and make accurate forecasts about wear over time.

The outcome would be a fall in the cost of service and support and an increase in driver satisfaction, it notes.

Enhanced telematics would allow drivers to access new in-car services, such as data on location, and allow cars to better interact with their environments, sharing information with connected cities, adds HDS.

“Our new partnership with HDS allows us to deliver more active and real-time information to drivers,” said Allen Gharapetian, vice president of marketing and product planning for Clarion.

“We are working with HDS to make driving and traveling in cars safer, more entertaining and significantly more personalized to both the vehicles’ specifics and drivers’ preferences,” he added.

HDS says that safer and better performing cards will prove to be key differentiators in the market in future.

“Our ability to extract data from the field, identify trends, make predictions, and adjust for desired outcomes will allow players throughout the automotive value chain to innovate cost-effectively,” said Michael Hay, chief engineer of HDS.

According to data from HIS, some 152 million connected cars will be on the road by 2020.
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