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Spireon flags new tractor and trailer management service

Iain Morris
September 24, 2014

Mobile resource management specialist Spireon has introduced a new asset-tracking service allowing customers to ‘sync’ tractors and trailers virtually and providing real-time alerts if a tractor and trailer are separated unexpectedly.

The service forms an add-on to the asset and trailer intelligence service that Spireon (Irvine, CA, USA) has been developing in partnership with McLeod (Birmingham, AL, USA), a provider of transportation, brokerage and document management solutions.

Branded FleetLocate Sync, the new feature will allow trucking companies to determine if a driver picks up the wrong trailer, generating an alert if the correct trailer isn’t moving with the tractor.

Spireon says it will lead to improvements in customer service and satisfaction because customers are given more accurate and up-to-date information on the location of their load.

FleetLocate Sync is also aimed at increasing security for high-value loads, allowing fleet owners to check in with drivers quickly if a trailer becomes separated from its tractor.

“FleetLocate Sync allows an extra level of security and peace of mind for fleet owners,” said Roni Taylor, Spireon’s vice president of industry relations. “With solutions that only provide trailer tracking, a user could tell a customer the location of a high-value load, but couldn’t confirm that it’s still with its tractor if stopped, or tethered to the appropriate tractor and driver.”

“FleetLocate Sync removes that uncertainty, providing real-time alerts if a tractor is distanced from its trailer,” added Taylor.

The service has been developed using Spireon’s NSpire platform, which currently supports more than 5.7 billion ‘data events’ every year and 1.9 million subscribers, according to the company.

Spireon has had a partnership with McLeod since 2012, when the two players teamed up to develop a service allowing fleet managers to capture the most current GPS positioning information for any trailer in a fleet.

“Security is becoming increasingly important to our customer base, especially those whose customers have high-value loads,” said Robin Hamlin, a project manager for McLeod. “FleetLocate Sync brings security to a whole new level and we’re pleased to be growing the value for our customer base with this enhancement to the integrated solution.”
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