Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

IoT surge drives India's Wipro to invest in open source technology

Iain Morris
September 18, 2014
Indian IT giant Wipro has announced plans to make significant investments in open source technologies and services as it looks to capitalize on growing interest in the Internet of Things.

Wipro said the emerging interest in the IoT – as well as in cloud computing and analytics – has propelled open source into a “core strategic technology asset for enterprises across the globe”.

The company has now set up an open source practice as part of its business application services division to address rising demand.

Wipro (Bangalore, India) said that the practice would channel investments into driving growth and building industry leadership in this area.

It will also work with customers on building open source platforms that are capable of supporting online services on a “massive scale” as well big data platforms.

According to Wipro, the use of licensable IP blocks in the product engineering space will help to reduce product development timelines for the consumer, automotive and networking market segments.

“Wipro's open source practice will offer consulting services to companies looking to adopt open source in their IT landscape – from advisory and strategy to roadmap development, integration, legacy migration, deployment, governance and risk mitigation and support,” said Bhanumurthy BM, the chief executive of application services and strategic alliances for Wipro. “The practice will spearhead multiple initiatives to build solutions, collaborate with key players and foster innovation in the open source domain.”

Wipro’s new open source practice has already begun to hire skilled personnel, including what it describes as “world-class open source industry veterans and community experts”.

The IT player is also investing in creating innovation labs at which it can demonstrate industry solutions.

“We believe we have the strategy and technology depth to become the primary open source partner for global enterprises,” said Krishakumar N Menon, the vice president of business applications solutions and the open source initiative for Wipro. “We are building a world class team of technologists for our open source initiative and recently hired an industry leader, Andrew Aitken, founder of the industry’s first strategic consultancy think tank on open source, and a recognized expert on strategies for its commercialization.”
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