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AT&T launches global M2M SIM to simplify logistics support

Iain Morris
September 17, 2014

US telecoms giant AT&T has launched a global SIM it is pitching at the market for M2M services that depend on worldwide connectivity.

The operator says the SIM will help companies to streamline service deployments globally, reducing the need for multiple device stock keeping units and simplifying logistics support.

The device is based on multi-profile SIM specifications developed by the GSM Association (GSMA) – a trade body – and aimed at helping companies to connect, manage and support M2M devices deployed worldwide.

AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA) launched a worldwide platform solution featuring a single SIM back in 2012 and says this technology has now met the new GSMA specifications for the use of multiple operator profiles on a single SIM.

The technology could have enormous attractions for companies installing SIMs in machinery or vehicles because it would allow them to change service provider without having to gain access to the hardware.

The SIM has already been combined with AT&T’s service management platform – branded the AT&T Control Center.

“Our Global SIM enables the internet of things for companies that need to connect devices, machines or cars with a single platform around the world,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president of AT&T Emerging Devices. “We’re the first carrier to announce a global SIM designed to meet GSMA specifications, and we are leading the industry into the future of connected devices.”

The operator says that its SIM provides a global service management platform with advanced diagnostic tools, smart process automation, machine monitoring and alert capabilities.

It also provides global wireless M2M connectivity with access to hundreds of operators worldwide.

AT&T has been among the most high profile of telecoms operators targeting the M2M opportunity, and has emphasized the importance of the connected car and the smart home in its overall strategy.

Like other telecoms operators, the company is trying to compensate for the decline in revenues from its traditional business activities.
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