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Wyless, Getrak target telematics market in Brazil, South America

Iain Morris
September 17, 2014

M2M managed services provider Wyless has announced a partnership with Brazilian telematics specialist Getrak.

The tie-up will see the two players offer a managed end-to-end service for device, cloud and managed connectivity across all four of Brazil’s major mobile operators.

Wyless (Lawrence, MA, USA) and Getrak (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) also hope to expand the offering to other markets and operators in South America.

Both companies aim to simplify services and deliver cost savings for Getrak customers – which collectively manage more than 250,000 vehicles in the Brazilian market – by providing what they describe as a one-stop shop for device, cloud and network services.

“We want to generate more value to the services we provide to our customers by helping them save costs significantly through traffic data management tools and multi-network capability such as the Wyless Porthos platform,” said Frederico Menegatti, the chief executive of Getrak. “Together with Wyless we will offer Getrak customers a full end-to-end solution for managed telematics services.”

Wyless expects the collaboration to boost its market share as well as that of Getrak in the fast-growing Brazilian M2M sector.

“By offering advanced tools for monitoring and reporting usage, supply chain management services and dedicated account management, which today’s MNOs in Brazil find difficult, if not impossible to provide, we will bring unprecedented efficiencies to Getrak customers, who are the leading telematics providers in Brazil,” said Sergio Souza, the chief executive of Wyless TM Data.

“Wyless mission of enabling freedom for Internet of Things is to offer simple bundled solutions together with partners like Getrak, and we are excited that this partnership will increase both our respective market shares in the rapidly growing Brazilian M2M and IoT markets as a consequence of our work and alignment,”he added.

Brazil’s M2M market generated $2 billion in revenue in 2014, according to research from IDC, with telematics services in the country accounting for nearly 40% of the total.

IDC reckons the spread of IoT services is being facilitated by the growing availability of mobile broadband and a reduction in the taxation of mobile telecoms services.
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