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Geneia enters $21 billion remote patient monitoring market with Covidien tie-up

Iain Morris
September 10, 2014
Healthcare technology player Geneia says it has struck a partnership with Covidien that will allow it to enter the $21 billion remote patient monitoring market.

Under the terms of the agreement, Geneia (Concord, NH, USA) will acquire rights to sell Covidien’s ZephyLIFE-branded remote patient monitoring services in a number of markets to patients with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

The technology will be combined with Geneia’s own clinical care expertise to ensure that patients can better manage chronic and acute conditions in a home setting.

“At Geneia, we’re creating a family of population health solutions that identify who needs help, exactly when they need it, and what they need to improve their health,” said Healther Lavoie, the president and chief operating officer of Geneia. “We’re thrilled to partner with Covidien [Dublin, Ireland], a global leader in patient monitoring, to power @home, Geneia’s next generation remote patient monitoring solution for the $20.9 billion remote patient monitoring market.”

According to a statement from Geneia, patients will be able to use the @home remote monitoring device to record vital signs on a daily basis, including details of weight, pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and blood glucose.

Geneia says it will merge this patient data with administrative and clinical data sets to provide early warnings about at-risk patients.

That should lead to reduced hospital readmissions, ensure that medication usage is appropriate and improve the coordination of care between patients and physicians.

“The partnership is a powerful combination of health care expertise with a singular focus on the patient,” said David Giarracco, Covidien’s vice president of market development for patient monitoring. “We are excited to extend our technology from the acute care, hospital environment into the home setting.”

“Together with Geneia, we’re deploying a solution that is aimed to help improve health outcomes and reduce cost of caring for patients with congestive heart failure, diabetes, and other chronic diseases, all while the patient is at home,” he added.

Geneia has also announced that Capital BlueCross – a $3 billion health plan with more than 700,000 members – has become the first organization to pilot @home to monitor patients with congestive heart failure.

“At Capital BlueCross, our members afflicted with congestive heart failure are among the sickest and costliest members we have,” said Jennifer Chambers, senior vice president and chief medical officer of Capital BlueCross. “We’re confident that @home will improve the health outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions for these members.”
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