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Spireon, AutoStar target auto dealers with new asset-tracking tie-up

Iain Morris
September 10, 2014

Spireon has announced an asset tracking partnership with software player AutoStar, which develops dealer management software for automotive dealers and finance companies.

The tie-up will see Spireon (Irvine, CA, USA) integrate its mobile resource management platform with AutoStar’s (Forth Worth, TX, USA) dealer management software to provide advanced asset-tracking services from any device.

The integration will allow automotive dealers using AutoStar’s service access to track assets and recover vehicles using any smartphone or tablet, says Spireon.

Dealers and lenders will be able to view details of vehicle locations and obtain other vehicle information from any browser without the need to download an app.

“Using a GPS collateral management system as a means to locate vehicles and remind customers that they are delinquent is becoming more and more of the norm among independent car dealers,” said Antonio Rajan, AutoStar Solutions’ chief revenue officer. “To be able to do this from within a DMS just makes business sense.”

“Partnering with Spireon allows car dealers to enjoy the benefits of seamless technology integration between two giants of the industry,” he added. “This is a huge partnership on all fronts.”

Brad Jarvis, the chief marketing officer of Spireon, says the new alliance will help dealers to grow their businesses with the assurance they can quickly and easily locate and track vehicles as circumstances require., an auto dealer based in Pennsylvania, has already lauded the partnership as one that will deliver “simplification and security”.

“We can now easily track vehicles regardless of location through a very simple mobile interface, and that helps us mitigate our risk and allow the collectors to spend more time with customers,” said Pablo Martin, general manager at “The integrated solution provides a tremendous peace of mind that we will be able to locate and recover a vehicle as warranted.”
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