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Gemalto supplies remote monitoring for Solarkiosk stations

Iain Morris
September 9, 2014

M2M player Gemalto says it is providing connectivity services for Solarkiosk, allowing the company’s solar-powered stations to be monitored remotely.

Solarkiosk’s stations are designed to be used in areas that lack conventional power cabling and infrastructure, but this also means they can be expensive to maintain.

In partnership with router maker INSYS icom, Gemalto (Amsterdam, Netherlands) has developed a monitoring service that allows users to track energy production and consumption through a web interface.

The technology developed by Gemalto and INSYS icom (Regensburg, Germany) means that solar panels can be monitored and managed around the clock, tracking energy input and output and reporting potential problems automatically.

Solarkiosk (Berlin, Germany) says its stations are quick and easy to deploy and will generate enough electricity to operate the cellular router and recharge 220 cell phones in a single day – up to 80 at the same time.

They have been used to produce sustainable electricity for a variety of services, says Solarkiosk, including refrigerated storage for medicines as well as for consumer products.
Projects are currently under way in Ethiopia, Bostwana and Kenya.

“One of the biggest challenges for M2M communication is to properly function in extreme environments such as the intense heat of an African desert or the tremendous moisture of a South American rainforest,” said Michael Gartz, the director of sales and marketing for INSYS icom. “INSYS icom and Gemalto heavy duty technologies are ideally suited for those areas which are not connected to an electricity grid, such as rural and remote areas in developing countries and districts affected by disasters.”

Thomas Steffen, the M2M regional manager at Gemalto, says traditional power infrastructure can be difficult to set up and quickly become expensive to maintain in any parts of the world, explaining the need for M2M technology in this area.

“With Solarkiosk, we aspire to play a social role in meeting such machine-for-human challenges, whatever the geographical constraints,” he said.
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