Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

B&B launches intelligent sensing platform for power-efficient IoT

Iain Morris
September 9, 2014

B&B Electronics has launched an intelligent sensing platform it says will accelerate the development of power-efficient Internet of Things applications in a range of areas.

The technology has a range of applications, claims B&B (Ottawa, Canada), including data center environmental monitoring, energy measurements and audits on a per-machine basis and condition monitoring in industrial environments.

The Wzzard platform, as it is called, has been designed to help integrators and service providers quickly develop and deploy self-powered and scalable Internet of Things applications, says B&B.

The company also says that its technology differs from traditional solutions – where the sensors are just “passive conduits” for raw data – by ensuring the sensors themselves include a degree of intelligence.

It also includes a number of power-saving technologies designed to reduce costs.

The platform has also been configured to work with B&B’s industrial-grade Spectre router, which can connect devices over wired and wireless connections, making it suitable for deployment in locations where cable connections are impractical.

B&B says SeeControl (San Francisco, CA, USA) is one of the first IoT platform providers to have begun making use of the Wzzard platform for application development.

“Today, most business analytics can only describe what has happened and why,” said Parthesh Shastri, SeeControl’s vice president of customer success and strategy “The industry can move past descriptive to predictive and even prescriptive analytics using IoT technologies such as B&B's Wzzard that applies edge decision making and processes information collected from sensors before transmitting relevant, as opposed to raw data, up to SeeControl’s SaaS remote management platform.”

“Cloud-based big data analytics is then better able to derive meaning from the data, and prescribe specific courses of action, to drive more intelligent applications,” he added.
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