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Deutsche Telekom wheels out intelligent bike

Iain Morris
September 4, 2014
German telecoms operator Deutsche Telekom has unveiled an intelligent bike that will send alerts to emergency services in the event of a crash and provide details about wear and tear to customers.

Developed in partnership with bike maker Canyon Bicycles (Koblenz, Germany), the bike comes with an emergency call function that will trigger alerts using eCall – a system developed with the backing of European authorities – if necessary.

Using GPS technology, emergency services can locate cyclists who have been involved in an accident and reach them more quickly.

However, the bike will also provide a range of information to cyclists, including details of distances covered and information about the condition of various components.

Users can view this data by means of a smartphone or tablet app.

Deutsche Telekom (Bonn, Germany) says the on-board unit includes a SIM card, microcontroller, movement sensor and GPS module, but the bike is also kitted out with various sensors that transmit data to the on-board unit.

Information is relayed directly to the cloud platform maintained by T-Systems – Deutsche Telekom’s IT unit – and can then be accessed by cyclists.

Besides knowing when parts need replacing, cyclists can also order components directly through the app.

The telecoms operator says the bike could also help to combat bicycle theft, allowing the owner to monitor its whereabouts at all times and notify authorities if it appears to have been stolen.

Deutsche Telekom has made the development of M2M technologies a strategic priority and says it drew heavily on its experiences in the related connected cars market when designing the bike with Canyon.

It plans to run a pilot for several months in early 2015 when the two partners are to put the intelligent bike “through its paces”.
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