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CalAmp to expand US asset management presence with Verizon tie-up

Iain Morris
September 3, 2014

Asset management player CalAmp has joined the partner program of US operator Verizon with the aim of beefing up its presence in the market for telematics, tracking and mobile asset management products and services.

The tie-up will allow CalAmp (Oxnard, CA, USA) to provide nationwide M2M services over the technologies being developed by the US telecoms player.

Those technologies include Verizon’s extensive 4G LTE network, as well as the operator’s range of other mobility and cloud services.

Along with rival AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA), Verizon (New York City, NY, USA) has made M2M a key element of its growth strategy and hopes a move into this market will ultimately offset the slowdown in its traditional business activities, including the sale of voice and messaging services.

CalAmp serves a number of customers in the industrial, commercial and government sectors and says its mobile resource management solutions have allowed various businesses to improve the efficiency of their operations and bolster productivity.

It appears to have been attracted to the Verizon program by the quality and coverage of the operator’s 4G infrastructure, which the operator is promoting as an increasingly viable alternative to older and more widespread 2G and 3G technologies for M2M services.

Taking advantage of the high-speed capabilities of 4G, CalAmp could provide more advanced services to its customers than it is able to support over legacy systems.

“By bundling the Verizon network into a complete data communications solution, CalAmp is providing customers efficient and scalable end-to-end solutions that meet or exceed their requirements both today and into the future,” said Justin Schmid, the senior vice president of marketing and business development for CalAmp. “We are proud to join the Verizon Partner Program, which reflects our mutual commitment to the customers we serve.”

The new alliance builds on a previous relationship between the two players.

In June, CalAmp said that its new 4G router had been certified for use on Verizon’s network.

The formation of a partnership with Verizon also follows CalAmp’s recent expansion of a supply agreement with Masternaut (Aberford, UK), under which it is to supply the UK-based fleet management player with various advanced telematics devices to support the tracking of trailer, heavy equipment and industrial machinery.
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