Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

SK Telecom pioneers smart fish farm to monitor health of eels

Iain Morris
September 3, 2014
South Korean telecoms giant SK Telecom is pioneering one of the most original uses of Internet of Things technology for healthcare monitoring with a so-called fish farm management system designed to guarantee the welfare of eels at a farm in the west of the country.

The operator has developed the system for an eel farm in Gochang county and launched a pilot operation to validate the technology this week.

It says the IoT offering should lead to an improvement in current farm management processes, allowing farmers to remotely monitor their fish tanks in real time through smart devices such as smartphones.

Eel farms typically have between 20 and 60 water tanks of six meters in diameter, and tanks need to be monitored at all times to ensure the water temperature, oxygen and pH levels are exactly right.

Even minor changes in the environment can be detrimental to the wellbeing of the animals.

Using IoT technology, SK Telecom (Seoul, South Korea) has installed three sensors on each fish tank to measure water temperature, quality and oxygen levels.

The data is then digitized and sent using 4G LTE technology to the operator’s Mobius IoT platform, which relays it to a fish tank management server for analysis.

Farmers can then check the status of tanks using smartphones or tablets equipped with the requisite apps.

SK Telecom says the system will also send status check results to farmers’ smartphones in real time.

If any abnormality is found, the management system will trigger an alarm so that farmers can quickly respond.

Moreover, when users input data on volume of feed or shipments, the system will analyze the data to provide meaningful statistics and information on the fish growth.

SK Telecom says the monitoring technology could revolutionize farm management processes by allowing farmers to manage risk factors with their phones.
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