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Telit helps to lower home security system costs with SimpliSafe

Iain Morris
August 28, 2014
Module maker Telit has revealed it is supporting cellular connectivity for a self-install home security system developed by SimpliSafe.

The use of Telit’s modules means that SimpliSafe (Boston, MA, USA) can offer connectivity on both CDMA and GSM networks for complete nationwide coverage in the US market.

Telit (London, UK) says the cellular module is embedded in the system’s base station, which monitors and controls up to 41 wireless sensors.

The module uses the same cellular technology as a cell phone and will instantly send alarm events to SimpliSafe whenever a security system is triggered, meaning that SimpliSafe customers do not have to depend on landline connections to protect their homes.

According to Telit’s statement, burglars typically smash keypads to prevent alarms from being sent to the police, but the cellular module remains hidden in the base station, remaining quiet until it alerts the monitoring service.

Moreover, the SimpliSafe professional monitoring feature is available for a monthly fee of just $14.99.

Such services have generally cost around $42 a month, with cellular modules an expensive premium add-on for most security systems, but Telit claims its low-cost modules have allowed SimpliSafe to include this advanced feature in all systems at affordable rates.

“CNET [a website] said that if you want comprehensive, easy-to-use security system, you’ll have a hard time finding a better option at a better price than SimpliSafe,” said Chad Laurens, the chief executive of SimpliSafe. “I can’t top that.”

“We believe being safe should be simple,” he added. “We don’t do fear tactics, we don’t do contracts. It’s just easy-to-use, 21st century security that really works.”

Mike Ueland, the president of Telit Americas, argues that many home security systems are stuck “using the same old technology as 25 years ago” instead of taking advantage of new and disruptive systems to provide smarter security.
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