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LG's Collain launches suite of healthcare applications

Iain Morris
August 27, 2014
LG subsidiary Collain Healthcare has launched a new suite of healthcare applications combining telehealth, remote patient monitoring, medication management and clinical decision support systems in a single platform.

The company says the technology is capable of connecting data sources – such as electronic health records and health information exchanges – and allowing patient data to be disseminated throughout what it describes as “the entire care continuum”.

The aim is to improve healthcare IT efficiencies within healthcare organizations and to ensure that at-risk patients can be monitored around the clock.

Collain (Georgetown, TX, USA) says the new platform was specifically designed to ensure that healthcare provider could provide timely and personalized care to patients, and so that patients could take a more active role in their own healthcare.

The system works partly by gathering patient information using Bluetooth-enabled devices and then automatically uploading this data to the cloud, from where it can be made available to healthcare providers on a real-time basis.

Collain claims that provider, payer, operator and sponsor organizations using the platform will be able to spot changes in patient status or condition before they result in hospital readmissions or other episodes entailing costly and preventable healthcare spending.

Clinicians monitoring patient status can be alerted in real-time to act, based on customizable patient data range settings, which can be configured at population and individual patient levels.

Collain says it is launching the platform immediately.
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