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Pointer wins $1.3 million cargo tracking deal in Africa

Iain Morris
August 27, 2014

Asset-monitoring player Pointer Telocation has secured a $1.3 million contract to provide cargo-tracking services to a customer in Africa.

Pointer (Rosh HaAyin, Israel) did not disclose the identity of the customer but said it expects to record revenues from the contract in the second half of 2014.

The company has indicated that its services will involve developing a system for coordinating trade activities in terms of information exchange, cargo tracking and monitoring the movement of goods.

It also claims its technology will ensure “trade efficiency, cooperation and competitiveness in the region” for the customer.

Pointer further adds that its cargo tracking and monitoring devices will be used to ensure goods are delivered safely and efficiently across various countries in Africa.

The asset-tracking player’s CelloTrack-T-branded product line offers various advanced tracking and remote monitoring services for high value mobile assets, supporting tracking, communication, location-based features and other control and maintenance capabilities.

“We are very pleased that this significant African customer has chosen our solutions over those of our competitors,” said David Mahlab, the president and chief executive of Pointer. “This award is another positive result from our consistent growth strategy to expand operations abroad, and we expect this award will also lead to increased sales and revenue in the future.”

“Specifically, I am happy to see that a CelloTrack product was selected as the core for this solution,” he added. “This product is part of our asset management offering [and] substantiates our belief in the future of asset management for goods in transit.”

Pointer says it has made considerable investments in its asset management capabilities in the expectation this part of the Internet of Things market will flourish in the years ahead.
“This project marks another success in our efforts to extend our footprint in the asset tracking and monitoring market,” said Mahlab.
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