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RMD Technologies to launch temperature tracking for refrigerated food

Iain Morris
August 20, 2014

A Florida company called RMD Technologies has joined forces with Verizon to develop a technology for tracking the temperature of refrigerated food, helping to prevent costly spoilage and to protect consumers against food-borne illnesses.

The technology is expected to become commercially available later in 2014 and is already said to have attracted interest from major restaurants in the US and other organizations involved in food supply chain management.

The system uses a so-called “smart thermometer” – branded the D-Mometer – and a communications network to relay information about the time and temperature exposure of meats, produce and other perishable items to smartphones and tablet devices.

It can be set up to provide notifications if foods enter a “temperature danger zone” due to equipment problems, power failure or other factors.

Data can also be saved to a cloud-based server for further analysis, allowing users to view and manage a number of locations from a single device.

Moreover, although the technology has been designed for the food industry, it could be used protect almost anything that requires precise temperature control, according to RMD (Orlando, FL, USA), including pharmaceuticals.

The technology was developed through Verizon’s partnership program, with the telecoms operator providing technical and connectivity expertise to RMD and introducing it to other firms in the Florida area working on software and cloud applications.

“It’s especially challenging and time-consuming to bring a food-related technology to market, but Verizon [New York City, NY, USA] and our other partners were invaluable in this process,” said Dominick Tamborra, the inventor of the technology. “Combined with the size, strength and reliability of the Verizon Wireless network, the D-Mometer is a powerful product to protect businesses and consumers alike.”

The service is likely to run over Verizon’s 4G network when introduced to the market.

Verizon now claims that its 4G technology covers 99% of people living in Florida.

“We’re excited to see the launch of this technology and pleased that our company’s resources could play an important role in bringing this project to market,” said Ryan Lopez, manager of the Verizon partner program in central Florida.
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