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Trimble again tops ABI ranking of commercial vehicle telematics players

Iain Morris
August 20, 2014

Trimble, Telogis and TomTom have topped the latest ranking of commercial vehicle telematics players compiled by ABI Research.

Trimble (Sunnyvale, CA, USA) hangs on to top spot, dominating the market due to its mixture of organic growth and acquisition, says the market research company.

Thanks to its strategic acquisitions, Trimble appears to have been able to offer a depth and breadth of products and services that is unrivalled.

Telogis (Aliso Viejo, CA, USA) comes second in the ABI ranking with high scores for the categories of “implementation” and “innovation” – which show the company is strong across the range of criteria in ABI’s assessment.

Meanwhile, TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands) has risen from seventh position in last year’s ranking to as high as third in this year’s study.

ABI says this was largely down to strong growth in subscriber numbers at TomTom, which reached 395,000 subscribers at the end of the second quarter.

Omnitracs (San Diego, CA, USA) finished third last year but lost a considerable number of subscribers due to the sale of its European subsidiary.

Telogis, TomTom and XRS (Eden Prairie, MN, USA) all scored highly on innovation, particularly regarding the sub-categories of user interface, features, navigation, vehicle monitoring and sensors, and convergence and standardization.

The three leaders of Trimble, Telogis and TomTom also scored well for market share of subscribers, vertical segmentation and quality and reliability – although Trimble, which performed best for regional coverage and organization – now operates in 150 countries and is reporting strong results.

“A lot has changed since last year’s competitive assessment,” said Filomena Berardi, a senior analyst with ABI. “We have seen many mergers and acquisitions which have increased subscriber numbers considerably.”

“Trimble and FleetMatics are quite ahead of the others in terms of subscribers, and TomTom’s subscriptions have increased drastically since last year’s assessment,” she added. “With so much consolidation, companies cannot just rely on their good name and fortune, they need to proactively invest in ways to increase their subscriber base and explore new markets and verticals.”

ABI says that while some markets are reaching maturity there are still a number of opportunities in less penetrated regions.

It also notes that in maturing markets there is an opportunity to capitalize on more advanced features to bring customers greater return on investment.
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