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Florida hospital pilots iGetBetter's remote patient monitoring services

Iain Morris
August 20, 2014
Healthcare technology player iGetBetter has announced that North Florida’s Tallahassee Memorial has become the latest hospital group to pilot its technology.

iGetBetter (Waltham, MA, USA) claims its cloud-based remote patient monitoring services have already helped to reduce readmissions to hospitals among patients suffering from chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure.

Tallahassee Memorial also appears to have seen iGetBetter’s technology as a means of reducing healthcare costs in line with strategic objectives established several years ago.

Using remote patient monitoring, the hospital is able to intervene and assist patients in their homes, reducing the need for emergency-room visits, and giving patients a better understanding of how to manage their own health.

“The initial response from the high-risk patients we enrolled in the CHF [congestive heart failure] pilot of the iGetBetter platform has been very positive,” said Lauren Faison, administrator at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Transition Center. “The patients found the platform easy to use and are engaged to communicate their health status with both their medical providers as well as their family.”

According to iGetBetter, during the pilot, Tallahassee Memorial identifies the patients most suited to self-health management and provides them with the requisite blood pressure cuffs and scales – as well as an overview of how to use iGetBetter for interaction with their clinical teams and family members.

Tallahassee Memorial now claims to have implemented a number of projects involving the use of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring.

iGetBetter, meanwhile, says it is conducting pilots in various hospitals regarding both CHF and total knee replacement patients.

It also says it is on the lookout for additional pilot opportunities for patients with conditions such as acute coronary syndrome, cardiac artery bypass graft, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, joint replacement and other high volume or high expenditure conditions.
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