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Elecsys launches remote monitoring product for oil and gas well sites

Iain Morris
August 19, 2014
M2M player Elecsys has launched a remote monitoring product targeted at organizations maintaining oil and gas well sites, pump stations and other industrial sites.
The company says the product has been designed specifically for remote monitoring where process measurement sensors and transducers are used in conjunction with cathodic protection – or CP – equipment.

Branded the Elecsys SentraLink CP, the remote monitoring system is intended to provide reliable data communications between remote sites and enterprise control and monitoring systems.

Elecsys (Olathe, KS, USA) says it includes two measurement channels supporting industry-standard sensors and transducers for a wide variety of applications, as well as two dedicated analog channels for the “unique demands” of CP system monitoring.

The product can be configured and programmed from any internet-enabled device, claims Elecsys.

It also works over cellular, satellite and wired networks and generates data that can be accessed through the Elecsys data management system or integrated with enterprise data networks.

The “rugged design” makes the equipment suitable for installation in particularly harsh settings, says Elecsys.

"The SentraLink CP is an ideal solution for remote applications where a combination of sensors, transducers, and CP values are monitored,” said Karl Gemperli, the president and chief executive of Elecsys. “It offers a simple, reliable method for keeping industry connected with valuable data from remote field sites to improve efficiency and simultaneously enhance both safety and the bottom line.”

“The versatile data management capabilities Elecsys offers can accommodate both direct enterprise system integration and turn-key cloud-hosted services,” he added.
Elecsys has developed a range of products for operation in remote settings and harsh field conditions, making them ideally suited to industries like oil and gas and electric power generation.
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