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ThroughTek launches M2M software to help digital home devices communicate

Iain Morris
August 14, 2014
Taiwan’s ThroughTek has launched a new M2M software product designed to allow digital devices used in the home to automatically communicate with one another.

The cloud-based platform comes with plug-and-play functionality, says ThroughTek (Taipei, Taiwan), to aid set-up, and is intended to support both home automation requirements and the surveillance needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The digital home products it is targeting include sensors for doors as well as motion, smoke, gas and water leak detectors.

ThroughTek says the platform could also support appliances used for as lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), environmental monitoring and video systems.

Users of the software should more easily be able to control an array of appliances in the home, instructing lights to switch off automatically at dusk and issuing alerts if, for instance, a door sensor detects movement when residents are supposed to be out.

Through reliance on a smartphone or tablet app, users would be able to activate or deactivate alarms and sensors through a few simple commands.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, meanwhile, could use the technology to start video recording by IP cameras for transmission to public or personal storage devices.

ThroughTek now claims to have completed the “system integration” of more than three million devices since 2013 and estimates that some 25 million connections are made through its platform every month.

The company claims to deliver the “most stable, user-friendly and secure home automation solution available anywhere”.
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