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Decker to use Orbcomm for refrigerated fleet management

Iain Morris
August 13, 2014

Transportation player Decker Truckline has signed up to use tracking and monitoring technology from Orbcomm for its fleet of 800 refrigerated trailers.

The company has revealed it is to use Orbcomm’s telematics equipment to provide temperature, fuel management, maintenance and logistical applications services for its refrigerated fleet.

Satellite and M2M player Orbcomm (Rochelle Park, NJ, USA) is also to provide a web application to Decker (Fort Dodge, IA, USA), including data reporting and analytics capabilities that will allow the logistics player to better manage its operations.

The companies have indicated that Decker will integrate the trailer data with its back-office platform with the aim of benefitting from fuel savings, preventing unauthorized usage and reducing maintenance costs.

“ORBCOMM is committed to working with partners such as Decker to achieve the maximum results with our telematics systems,” said David Gsell, the senior vice president and general manager of Orbcomm Solutions. “We expect to contribute directly to their bottom line, enable them to improve their customer support and achieve a strong and fast return on investment.”

“Decker will take advantage of our solution’s advanced features, like remote command and control of temperature and the ability to store up to 40,000 geofences on the device with automated configurable controls,” he added.

Decker says it chose the Orbcomm solution based on an assessment of expected savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

“With Orbcomm, we also can better monitor our trailers’ in-transit temperatures so we can greatly reduce claims, maximize compliance and provide our customers with the highest level of service,” said Dale Decker, the vice president and co-owner of Decker.
Orbcomm has indicated that it is currently installing its telematics system in 500 of Decker’s refrigerated trailers.
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