Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Numerex supports LTE for asset management and remote monitoring

Iain Morris
August 13, 2014
Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Numerex has announced its launch of support for LTE technology in response to growing demand for higher-speed services for applications such as real-time asset management and remote monitoring.

The company says that various logistics applications are evolving to higher bandwidth solutions to provide faster delivery and a higher quality user experience for customers.

It points out that a number of M2M applications rely on real-time information – such as controlling sensitive equipment, industrial alarms and controls – and that low LTE latency will support functions that would not otherwise be possible.

"As LTE device prices continue to align with older technologies, LTE becomes more viable as a strategy for evolving from 2G solutions," said Scott Wiley, the senior vice president of marketing and product management for Numerex (Atlanta, GA, USA). “Combining LTE and the Numerex platform provides a seamless evolution path for customers seeking to upgrade to the newest technologies.”

Numerex argues that M2M solutions used in various industries – including the asset tracking, security and supply chain industries – are beginning to embrace and plan for an LTE future.

The technology comes with the benefits of longevity, additional service options and scalability for its users, says the company, and provides a superior solution to older cellular technologies for applications where speed, responsiveness and performance are important, says Numerex.

AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA) and Verizon Wireless (New York City, NY, USA) – the two biggest mobile operators in the US – have already announced plans to switch off their 2G networks and rely solely on 3G and 4G infrastructure, forcing M2M customers using legacy services to consider their options.

Numerex now claims to offer support for a range of cellular and satellite technologies and says that it also provides substantial resource and capabilities in the areas of customer service, operations and engineering.
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