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Fleetmatics claims user base hits 500,000-vehicles mark

Iain Morris
August 13, 2014
UK fleet management player Fleetmatics says that its subscriber base has now grown to around 500,000 vehicles.

The company, which provides software-as-a-service-based technology to businesses of all sizes, claims the increase in its user base makes it the fastest-growing fleet management player in the industry.

Fleetmatics (Reading, UK) says it has gathered more than 62 million data points for benchmarking and insights, allowing customers to realize a number of business benefits, including increased revenues, lower costs and the ability to grow profitably.

One of its customers – Express Energy Services – has been able to reduce fuel costs at its 1,200-vehicle fleet by more than $80 per vehicle per month – or around $1.5 million per year – through the use of the Fleetmatics service.

According to Fleetmatics, Express Energy has also lowered the number of accidents involving its fleet from 37 in 2012 to just seven in 2013.

Fleetmatics has been working to expand its range of product offerings and earlier this year introduced three new services – Reveal, Reveal+ and Work – that are tailored to the needs of different-sized businesses across a broad range of industries.

“Having exceeded 500,000 subscribed vehicles is a significant milestone for our company,” said Jim Travers, the chairman and chief executive of Fleetmatics. “Our growth continues to be fueled by an underpenetrated global market, a leading software platform, and an efficient web-selling model to small- and-mid-sized businesses.”

The company says its web-based services provide insight into parameters such as vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mobile, allowing companies to reduce operating and capital costs.

As of June 30, Fleetmatics claimed to serve more than 23,000 customers with more than 499,000 subscribed vehicles worldwide.
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