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Texan hospital to implement telemonitoring system for patient benefits

Iain Morris
August 13, 2014
Metroplex Hospital in Texas is reported to have formed a partnership with telemonitoring provider Advanced ICU Care with the aim of improving the level of care it provides to patients.

According to a local news report, the hospital claims it will be one if the first in the region to implement Advanced ICU Care’s technology.

The system is aimed at helping Metroplex to provide a round-the-clock service from its physicians and critical care nurses from August onwards.

Advanced ICU Care (St Louis, MO, USA) is to assist Metroplex (Killeen, TX, USA) by rolling out technology that allows the hospital to continuously monitor patients’ vital signs, medications, labs and clinical status.

Through the use of data management tools, the hospital will be able to identify problems and take immediate action when necessary.

The organization also plans to use an in-room video service during evaluations so that hospital staff can interact more easily with employees from Advanced ICU Care.

“Telemonitoring in ICUs [intensive care units] are becoming an integral part of critical care,” Mary Jo Gorman, the founder of Advanced ICU Care, is quoted as saying. “Our team is excited to collaborate with the physicians and clinicians at Metroplex Hospital, supporting them in providing the best possible care and safety for their patients.”

According to the press report, studies have already shown that intensive monitoring leads to an improvement in patient outcomes and patient safety in ICUs.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association is said to have shown that implementation of a telemonitoring program reduced the likelihood of mortality as well as the length of stay in a hospital, and led to improvements in best practice adherence.

Another study published by the New England Healthcare Institute advised community hospitals with ten or more ICU beds to adopt telemonitoring technology as a means of improving healthcare services.
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