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Scapa unveils adhesive solutions for remote-monitoring devices

Iain Morris
August 13, 2014
Global healthcare supplier Scapa has unveiled a portfolio of adhesive solutions intended for wearable medical devices used to transmit data about a user’s health to healthcare professionals
Scapa (Manchester, UK) says the portfolio includes materials, adhesives, conversion, printing and package to support wearable device attachment to the skin, and describes the range of products – which it is marketing under the MEDIFLIX Solutions brand – as a “complete turnkey solution for wearable mobile device applications”.

The products have ben designed to ensure that applications such as remote patient monitoring and continuous glucose monitoring can function as required.

“The explosion of the wearable market calls for a more sophisticated approach to support our clients in delivering safe, comfortable, high-performing skin attachment options across a diverse patient population for short and long-term wear,” said Joe Davin, Scapa’s president. “MEDIFIX Solutions is the natural application of Scapa Healthcare’s complete turnkey capabilities in the wearable device space.”

With over 25 years experience in delivering skin-friendly products, including mobile medical devices, we have a focused commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations with unique products and nimble, efficient execution – from concept through ongoing production,” he added.

According to David Douyard, Scapa’s director of global strategic marketing, the adhesive materials have been developed to ensure the technology functions regardless of activity levels, moisture levels, skin types and devices sizes.
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