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Boston Globe looks to improve delivery operations with LoJack service

Iain Morris
August 6, 2014
US newspaper The Boston Globe is aiming to improve its fleet management and delivery operations through use of asset-tracking services provided by LoJack.

Under the terms of the deal between the two companies, LoJack (Canton, MA, USA) has equipped more than 130 delivery and service vehicles with LoJack’s technology, which is powered by telematics systems from Dutch player TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

LoJack provides a range of vehicle theft recovery and advanced fleet management solutions, and its service is intended to give The Boston Globe (Boston, MA, USA) access to critical information about journeys and fuel consumption.

It can also be used to generate maintenance reports about the delivery vehicles in service.

The Boston Globe says it plans to use the service across the greater New England area so that drivers can deliver newspapers more efficiently.

“Since The Boston Globe was founded in 1872, we’ve always delivered for our customers,” said Ellen Clegg, a spokesperson for The Boston Globe. “We’re continually looking for ways to improve our efficiency, and we believe this will help us get our high-quality journalism into the hands of readers and give us important information about our fleet of delivery trucks.”

LoJack says its fleet management solution includes a range of advanced management tools, such as a customized web interface for fleet managers and vehicle operators.

Each vehicle is also equipped with a fleet management device that has been designed to help measure driver behavior, such as idling and sudden decelerations, and improve safety and fuel efficiency.

LoJack also claims the fleet management solution will help The Boston Globe’s fleet of trucks to reduce their carbon footprint, streamline scheduling and reduce unnecessary mileage.

It also provides preventative maintenance alerts allowing fleet managers to remain abreast of regular vehicle maintenance needs.

“We’re pleased to provide the technology and services to help The Boston Globe extract real-time data to better identify patterns and act on insights,” said Randy Ortiz, LoJack’s chief executive. “This will enable the Globe – one of the nation’s true media institutions – to improve fleet management efficiencies and enhance their driver and customer experience.”
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