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Australian healthcare players roll out major telemonitoring program

Iain Morris
August 6, 2014
Australian private health HCF has joined forces with telecoms incumbent Telstra and healthcare technology player Healthways on what it calls the country’s largest-ever rollout of a telemonitoring program.

The telemonitoring service is being designed to provide biometric monitoring, combined with telephone-based health support from registered nurses, to approximately 3,300 members of HCF (Sydney, Australia) in their homes.

The companies say the program will make use of a range of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including weighing scales, tools for measuring blood pressure, glucometers and oximeters.

HCF says the tie-up will complement its My Health Guardian program, which has been developed in partnership with Healthways (Franklin, TN, USA) and already provides tailored support and advice to more than 25,000 members suffering from a range of chronic health conditions.

“Our focus is on driving innovation to help our members be proactive in staying healthier for longer,” said Shaun Larkin, the managing director of HCF. “My Health Guardian supports more than 25,000 HCF members managing a chronic condition. This new telemonitoring program will help a significant proportion of these people gain better control of their chronic condition and live healthier lives.”

Trials conducted on My Health Guardian members in 2012 found that telemonitoring services delivered major health benefits and helped patients to better manage their conditions, according to HCF.

The company has already embraced technology to improve its service, having last year introduced a new website as well as Android and iPhone apps for its users.

“This partnership has the power to drive innovation with expertise in science, technology and population health management strategies, thereby delivering powerful, sustainable and cost-effective solutions,” said Linda Swan, the managing director of Healthways Australia. “Through evidence-based initiatives like this program, we are able to meet the future needs of Australians and work with our partners to ensure Australia remains at the forefront of healthy living.”

Telstra (Melbourne, Australia) says the new collaboration will build on its existing relationships with HCF and Healthways.

The operator has been managing Healthways’ information and communications technology in the Telstra cloud since last year.
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