Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

CSR launches kit to spur IoT development

Iain Morris
July 31, 2014
Bluetooth developer CSR has released a development kit it says will spur the introduction of new Internet of Things (IoT) products.

The CSRmesh Development Kit became available from a number of CSR (Cambridge, UK) distributors this month and includes development boards, a USB programmer and access to the development platform.

CSR says the kit is initially being offered with software supporting networked lighting applications, but that updates for home automation and other IoT applications based on CSRmesh are due later in 2014.

The CSRmesh protocol – which it released earlier this year – has been designed so that an almost unlimited number of Bluetooth Smart-enabled devices can be networked together and controlled directly from a single smartphone, tablet or PC.

CSR also claims that CSRmesh has already been adopted by a number of Tier One lighting manufacturers, including South Korea’s Samsung (Seoul).

“We are seeing Bluetooth Smart underpinning many more products as the IoT shifts from concept to reality,” said Rick Walker, marketing manager for IoT at CSR. “By launching the CSRmesh Development Kit we are equipping developers with the tools they need to innovate and take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the IoT.”

“We are helping them to bring networked devices to market as quickly and simply as possible,” he added.

The CSRmesh protocol uses Bluetooth Smart to send messages to other Bluetooth Smart devices, which in turn relay those messages onwards.

Messages can be sent to individual devices or groups of devices, with control enabled via any smartphone supporting the Bluetooth Smart standard or through standard control devices such as light switches.

“Making this innovation accessible to developers in an easy to use kit is an important part of our strategy, allowing them to use our technology to create an exciting next generation of IoT devices,” said Anthony Murray, senior vice president of business group at CSR.
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