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Orange forms connected health partnership with TAPcheck

Iain Morris
July 30, 2014
French telecoms incumbent Orange has joined forces with remote health monitoring player TAPcheck to provide connectivity services for connected health devices including glucose monitors and activity sensors.

The partnership will initially cover the marketing of mobile health devices sold to hospitals in the European region.

Orange (Paris, France) said the tie-up will be aimed at helping healthcare professionals to access patients’ personal data easily and in real time by means of a mobile app.

The companies say a primary objective of the partnership is to develop new methods of bringing connected products to market.

TAPcheck’s (Hong Kong) products are equipped with near field communications and Bluetooth technologies as well as other systems that allow healthcare data to be transferred from devices to dedicated applications.

Orange claims that with its healthcare data hosting platform it can guarantee secure access and respond to client demands with regard to applicable regulations concerning connected healthcare objects in France and Europe.

Orange and TAPcheck plan to develop their partnership internationally but say the approach will focus specifically on hosting within European countries.

“The emergence of new technologies that are adapted to and integrated into medical devices or health monitoring products will allow us to gradually bring about a revolution in individual health monitoring and consciousness,” said Alain Chemla, the chairman of TAPcheck. “The harmonization of the requirements in this regard and their adaptation thanks to the assistance and the involvement of health professionals will ensure that the Orange/TAPcheck partnership proves to be a continued success.”

Orange says the partnership agreement will support the development and personalization of medical aftercare by spurring the adoption of connected objects within hospitals and homes.

“It is a tool for medico-economic rationalization in the service of patient comfort and targeted medicine,” said Thierry Zylberberg, the director of Orange Healthcare.

TAPcheck claims to be the first global health service for smartphones and tablets that can store in-memory data for blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature, weight, heart rate or daily activity.

The health data is then organized by TAPcheck in an easy-to-understand format and can be accessed at any time or sent by email or text message to doctors and healthcare professionals.
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