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Motorola launches wireless scanner for medication admin

Iain Morris
July 30, 2014
Motorola Solutions has launched a new wireless handheld device that allows nurses and lab technicians to scan barcodes at a patient’s bedside to check on medication administration and specimen collection.

The technology player says the scanner will lead to improvements in patient safety and can easily link to in-room computers, laptops, tablets and so-called ‘workstations-on-wheels’.

The scanner, branded the CS4070-HC, is able to capture “virtually any barcode”, says Motorola, whether it is displayed on a screen or on curved reflective surfaces like vials, syringes and IV bags.

Motorola (Schaumburg, IL, USA) also claims it is small enough to be worn on a lanyard around the neck or tucked in a pocket, and holds enough power for a full 12-hour shift, with an LED indicator letting healthcare workers know how much charge is left.

The company says healthcare organizations can use the scanner for a range of functions, including medication administration, asset tracking, lab specimen labeling and processing and transfusion administration.

“Motorola Solutions’ pocket-sized CS4070-HC companion scanner is a powerful tool that can benefit nurses for their daily scanning needs and are often challenged with carrying multiple products as they conduct medication verification and distribution,” said David Dean, the president of ACS MediHealth (Alpharetta, GA, USA), one of Motorola’s partners.

Motorola says the new device will meet the needs of both patients and healthcare workers.

“By providing an easy-to-use, pocket-sized bar code scanner that offers superior ergonomics, omnidirectional scanning and ‘do not disturb’ modes, Motorola is helping hospitals improve patient safety and the patient experience,” said Bob Sanders, senior vice president of Motorola’s data capture solutions business.
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