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AudioEye and PearTrack team up on voice-controlled asset tracking

Iain Morris
July 30, 2014
Logistics managers in a variety of sectors are to be offered a new asset-tracking service allowing them to carry out tasks by issuing a voice command instead of inputting data using a keyboard or touchscreen interface.

The service is being developed by AudioEye (Tucson, AZ, USA), which has developed a technology allowing visually impaired individuals to use internet services without the need for a monitor or mouse, and PearTrack (Alameda, CA, USA), which provides a range of asset-tracking and monitoring services for all types of machinery and assets, including control and reporting solutions for the vending machine industry.

Under a new licensing contract, AudioEye plans to integrate its audio internet technology with PearTrack’s mobile GPS tracking systems, allowing customers to interact with and administer applications using voice commands.

The companies say the services will have considerable appeal in environments where eyes-free and hands-free data management can make jobsites and assets safer and ultimately more productive and secure.

“The intellectual property licensed to PearTrack addresses a set of opportunities that previously did not exist,” said Nathaniel Bradley, AudioEye’s chief executive. “When innovations can be integrated instantly, immediate revenue opportunities for both companies emerge and are by their proprietary nature exclusive to PearTrack, thus boxing out competitors with significant first-mover advantages and our combined technology stack.”

Bill Withrow, PearTrack’s chief executive, reckons the voice technology will bolster efficiency within organizations making use of the new services.

“We believe the benefits that our customers, end-users and other stakeholders derive from AudioEye’s voice technology will significantly influence our future growth, deal flow and market capture,” he said. “When a vending machine can talk to the consumer, many benefits are derived, and efficient use of PearTrack tracking systems in combination with AudioEye’s technology should unlock new revenue streams.”

“This innovation opens the door to exciting immediate and future new business opportunities,” added Withrow.
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