Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

South Africa's Britehouse to help enterprises automate business processes

Iain Morris
July 30, 2014
South African business process automation specialist Britehouse says it has developed a ‘big digital’ advisory offering partly aimed at helping large and medium-sized enterprises gear up for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Through its SAP (Walldorf, Germany) and Microsoft (Seattle, WA, USA) divisions, the organization has already been involved in rolling out enterprise resource planning and supplier management systems in South Africa, but it believes the adoption of IoT technologies throughout back-office systems and supply chains could be a game changer.

“Our enterprise customers are trying to get a handle on the IoT, in which a myriad of technologies – from wearable devices, connected fridges, smart vehicles, smart lighting and smart energy – all connecting to the Internet, will trigger an unprecedented level of automation in the factory, warehouse, workplace and home,” said Scott Gibson, Britehouse’s (Johannesburg, South Africa) chief executive.

“Even the most sophisticated technology platforms for managing businesses are not equipped to deal with the big data that the IoT is already generating, let alone the data that will be generated by the 26 billion devices that research house Gartner says will be on the Internet by 2020,” he added.

Britehouse says big data is only one part of the big digital story, however, and that companies need to be able to manage their full digital ecosystem and determine how relevant their digital delivery systems really are.

Doing that will enable them to take decisions about the steps needed to ensure their digital systems can become and remain relevant, says Gibson.

"Our Big Digital service is … about helping customers evolve more agile, customer-centric ecosystems,” he said. “This is much more tightly niched in an area where no one else seems to operate or have the skill to do so.”

Besides its work on ERP and supplier management, Britehouse has also developed cloud expertise through its hosting division and claims to understand the world of devices thanks to its mobility arm.

The company says its new big digital division will help customers to understand the dramatic impact these various forces are having.

According to recent research from Frost & Sullivan, South African enterprises are increasingly turning to M2M technology to automate business processes, with the automotive, retail, finance, utilities and vehicle fleet sectors currently among the heaviest users of M2M technology in the country.
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