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Fleet-tracking tech helps Transtar recover stolen goods

Iain Morris
July 30, 2014
Logistics company Transtar Transportation has been able to recover stolen assets worth as much as $120,000 thanks to the use of fleet-tracking technology provided by NexTraq.

Transtar delivers tires made by Hankook throughout the western US and had originally turned to fleet-tracking technology to help it monitor delivery progress.

An unforeseen benefit came about, however, when the NexTraq (Atlanta, GA, USA) service was able to help Transtar track down and recover some 1,112 tires that had been stolen.

“On a Friday, we picked up a load of tires that was supposed to be delivered on Monday,” said Richard Sanchez, operations manager for Transtar Transportation. “That Monday morning, one of our drivers reported that somebody had been in the truck and the tires were gone.”

After he was notified of the incident, Jay Shin – Transtar’s owner – was able to review the truck’s activity using the NexTraq platform and noticed the vehicle had been used after the driver had used it and driven 15 miles to an unauthorized location.

Sanchez sent GPS data to his phone via email and then contacted the police.

“When the police came, I opened my email to a picture of Google Maps with all of the red and blue markers showing where the vehicle had started and stopped,” he said.

With the information from the NexTraq system, the police were able to locate the facility where they found a partial load of the stolen tires.

The remaining tires were recovered the following day after the police interrogated a number of people.

“We were fully recovered with all 1,112 pieces,” said Sanchez. “Without the fleet tracking system, I would have been up in arms.”

NexTraq says theft remains a huge concern for companies transporting expensive materials and is keen to promote its technology as a way for companies to protect valuable assets.
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