Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Former Bechtel execs launch Octoblu to spur IoT innovation

Iain Morris
July 24, 2014
Two former employees of engineering giant Bechtel have launched a new startup called Octoblu that says its role will be to help companies bring innovative Internet of Things (IoT) services to the market.

Emerging from what it describes as “stealth mode”, Octoblu (Palo Alto, CA, USA) says its vision is to provide an IoT platform for real-time connections and communication management across applications, people and physical devices.

The startup is the brainchild of Geir Ramleth, formerly the senior vice president and chief information officer of Bechtel (San Francisco, CA, USA), and Chris Matthieu, who recently worked as Bechtel’s manager of emerging technologies.

Ramleth and Matthieu have indicated they are responding to what they see as a tremendous opportunity for companies to deliver new products and services using IoT technologies.

Forecasts produced by market-research company Gartner, and cited by the Octoblu founders, indicates the IoT will include 26 billion installed units by 2020, by which date IoT product and service suppliers will have generated incremental revenues of more than $300 billions.

“IoT provides opportunities for bringing innovative new services to market,” said Ramleth, Octoblu’s chief executive. “But setting up connections, design, processes, and managing the secure flow of information with deep analytics is complex.”

“We’re excited to help companies leverage the IoT by providing a platform that automates these tasks, opening the door for exciting new products and services in a connected world,” he added.

Octoblu’s plan is to use an open source M2M platform called Meshblu – originally developed by Matthieu – to connect devices through a variety of protocols.

The company says it is also working on developing a robust security and rights management architecture that will further help enterprises to develop IoT services.

“While the IoT brings opportunities for companies to more efficiently deliver services to its customers, it presents challenges, such as how to connect devices so they can communicate with each other, how to manage the complexity of connections, how to secure flow of data across devices, and how to analyze the data and communicate results to other devices,” said Matthieu. “Octoblu will provide a platform to help users control, design, manage and analyze the overall flow of information.”
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