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Diabetes expert to support ALR's remote patient monitoring service

Iain Morris
July 23, 2014
A world-leading expert on diabetes and insulin is to support the rollout of remote patient monitoring services by ALR Technologies.

The company has recruited the endocrinology practice of Dr Mayer Davidson to provide online consultations for its new Insulin Dose Adjustment Consultation (IDAC) System.

Davidson’s practice will provide opinions based on reviewing actual blood glucose data provided electronically by ALR’s (Richmond, VA, USA) Health e-Connect remote monitoring system, along with other key data necessary for prescribing, such as details of current insulin dosage, gender, height and weight.

IDAC has been developed to help doctors maintain patients at an optimal insulin dose and to reduce complications and the related costs of treatment, says ALR.

A supporting consultancy service should also reduce the reluctance of some doctors to prescribe insulin even when treatment guidelines indicate a patient requires it, adds the company.

Remote monitoring itself could also help to lessen the problem of insulin non-adherence and non-persistence by many patients.

ALR says that diabetes care facilitators will be trained on doctor-approved protocols to recognize non-adherence in the patient blood glucose trends so that a care intervention can be arranged immiediately.

“We think that many primary care physicians will welcome a near-effortless consultation on their insulin doses from such a respected expert in diabetes,” said Sidney Chan, ALR’s chief executive. “We are honored to partner with Dr Davidson who will be an invaluable resource to these physicians.”

Davidson says many doctors do not have time to regularly adjust a patient’s dose to achieve optimal glucose control, while others are worried about writing an insulin prescription because of the adverse effects that could result from an improper dose.

“ALR’s technology will allow me to assist many physicians with these challenges and to bring intensive blood glucose control to many more patients,” he said. “This is a win for patients and a win for the healthcare system through more intensive management of diabetes.”
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