Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Infobright provides business insights to logistics players

Iain Morris
July 23, 2014
Analytics provider Infobright has flagged several major contracts with companies catering to the financial services, logistics and transportation sectors, saying the new customers are using its technology to derive business insights from machine-generated data.

Rez-1 (Wellesley, MA, USA), Smart421 (Ipswich, UK) and (London, UK) provide a range of messaging, reporting, ticketing and payment services to logistics, financial services and retail players, among others, and are deploying the Infobright database platform to help customers improve their decision-making.

Infobright (Toronto, Canada) has developed what it calls an analytic database platform specifically intended for use with large volumes of machine-generated data used in “complex ad-hoc analytic environments”.

The company claims that its technology speeds up the analytics process and is highly cost-effective.

“Businesses continue to struggle to collect, analyze and manage the massive uptick of machine-generated data due to the big data and Internet of Things explosion,” said Don DeLoach, Infobright president and chief executive. “M2M data is generated very quickly and often needs to be investigated within a short period.”

“Our platform, through new features such as approximate query, enables our customers to maximize insight into their data, delivering quick, intuitive and actionable business decisions,” he added.

Rez-1, the first of the new customers, is described as a software-as-a-service player focused on serving North America’s railway logistics market.

It is using the Infobright technology to store and analyze that will improve the quality of the reports and reduce query reporting times for its railway customers.

Smart421, meanwhile, has taken advantage of the Infobright functionality to provide a “ticket on departure” system in the UK rail market.

The company says it chose Infobright because of its flexible reporting capabilities and that it is helping to solve “a monthly three-way reconciliation of journeys versus sales transaction versus ticket issues (a particularly complex area of the ticket on departure business process)”.

Finally, specialist payments company – which processes consumer payments across a wide variety of markets through its retail networks, internet and mobile phone channels – has already been able to develop various data-rich reporting capabilities thanks to its partnership with Infobright.

“The determining factor that led us to Infobright was speed,” said Bob Cook, a business intelligence architect with Rez-1. “Our customers have been truly impressed with our ability to produce reports in such a quick turn-around time because they do not have that capability themselves.”
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