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Senaya launches enterprise logistics asset-tracking service

Iain Morris
July 23, 2014
Senaya has launched a new enterprise logistics asset-tracking service for companies seeking automated and timely information on non-powered and reusable assets.

The M2 player claims the technology gives customers greater visibility of what is happening across the supply chain and can be used to measure temperature, shock, motion and battery life.

The system can also be set up to provide user-defined data requests through a web-based dashboard, using software-as-a-service technology.

Senaya (Framingham, MA, USA) claims the service is superior to IT asset management as a means of tracking non-powered and reusable assets, such as pallets, gas cylinders and unit load devices.

The service runs over the mobile network of Sprint (Overland Park, KS, USA), the third-biggest mobile operator in the US, and uses a range of advanced sensors and “military-grade batteries”, according to Senaya.

“Sprint’s open platform, network leadership, and commitment to M2M make them a great choice for us,” said Brian Lee, Senaya’s chief executive. “The Sprint network allows us to provide asset visibility data to our customers without any investment in infrastructure.”

Senaya is billing the service as an “asset intelligence” product, claiming it will provide enterprises with “complete visibility” into assets across the supply chain.

“It's more than just asset tracking – it’s asset intelligence,” says Jamshed Dubash, Senaya’s chief operating officer and co-founder. “The product is market-ready and field tested, with tens of thousands of devices deployed to date.”

Senaya provides a range of services to companies in the automotive, oil and gas, packaged gas, pharmaceuticals, retail and industrial manufacturing industries.
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