Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

RF Controls wins asset-tracking contract with Lockheed Martin

Iain Morris
July 23, 2014
Tracking specialist RF Controls has been awarded a contract to provide an asset-tracking system for an entire production facility managed by Lockheed Martin.

The company’s technology will be used to track parts, tools and government-owned assets for Lockheed’s (Bethesda, MD, USA) F-35 Lightning II production program, said RF Controls (St Louis, MO, USA) in a statement.

Working in partnership, the two companies claim to have designed a fixed antenna system capable of reading RFID tags from distances far greater than was previously thought possible and with accuracy levels of 99% in real time.

RF Controls says the concept could fundamentally change the way assets of all kinds are monitored, counted and managed while reducing cost, increasing efficiencies and further enhancing workplace safety.

“Working with Lockheed Martin provides the ultimate validation of our technology in the marketplace given their long history of innovation particularly using RFID,” said Tom Ellinwood, the chief executive of RF Controls.

Ellinwood makes the bold claim that RF Controls’ technology will serve as the foundation for Internet of Things rollouts globally and says the company will continue to work with Lockheed Martin “to redefine the future of manufacturing”.

Founded in 2006, RF Controls has patented an intelligent tracking and control system that can be used to identify, locate and track items.
The company says its technology is now being used by some of the world’s largest firms.
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