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WABCO to provide fleet management to Saudi Arabia's Almarai

Iain Morris
July 16, 2014
Vehicle technology player WABCO has won a contract to provide fleet-management services to Saudi Arabia’s Almarai, one of the world’s largest dairy companies.

Under the deal, WABCO’s (Brussels, Belgium) Transics International business will equip Almarai’s (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) entire long-haul fleet of more than 1,300 trucks with its fleet-management system, allowing the dairy company to bolster operational efficiency and make improvements to fleet safety.

From August this year, Transics will equip Almarai’s trucks with its TX-SKY on-board computers, which will be linked to the TX-CONNECT back-office system to support truck, driver, trailer and cargo management.

WABCO says it expects to have furnished Almarai’s entire fleet of long-haul trucks by the second quarter of 2015.

The technology should allow Almarai to monitor trucks in real time based on information about location, route adherence, vehicle speed and delays.

The system can also capture data on driver behavior, such as braking, speeding and signaling and is designed to integrate seamlessly with transport management software that Almarai has already introduced.

The Transics service will give Almarai a link between trucks, drivers and its home office and should aid decision-making at the company, says WABCO.

WABCO says the deal with Almarai marks “the dynamic global expansion of Transics”.

A leading player in Europe, Transics was acquired by WABCO in February this year.

“As a result of WABCO’s strategic acquisition of Transics, customers can leverage the powerful combination of Transics’ fleet management solutions with WABCO’s commercial vehicle systems expertise, industry-leading safety and efficiency technologies and global reach,” said Nick Rens, the president of WABCO’s trailer systems, aftermarket and off-highway division.

“With this contract, we are demonstrating Transics’ ability to reach beyond its core market of Europe to deliver differentiating fleet management solutions to a large-scale commercial vehicle fleet operator in Saudi Arabia,” he added.
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