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Trimble to provide asset-tracking service for California wastewater utility

Iain Morris
July 16, 2014
California’s Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) has announced a deal to use Trimble’s tracking technology to monitor the performance of wastewater assets and improve inspection work in the field.

The Trimble (Los Angeles, CA, USA) software is to be used in conjunction with Trimble’s Android-based devices in order to automate the maintenance of utility manholes, as well as mapping and inspection activities.

The technology runs over the “cloud” and comes with built-in applications allowing water and wastewater utilities to automate various other critical field operations.

The OCSD is responsible for providing wastewater services for around 2.5 million people in Orange County, California.

Keen to streamline the inspection of more than 8,000 manholes, the organization says Trimble offered it an “accurate, reliable and easy-to-deploy” service for automating the manhole inspection process.

The OCSD has also been able to move to what it describes as a centralized geographic information system (GIS)-based electronic repository for all manhole asset and maintenance records on the sewer network.

The organization had already made a large investment in building a GIS to map pipes and assets installed throughout its service area.

Trimble’s service is compatible with this system and allows the OCSD to view and update maps, assign work, manage workflows and collect field data and mapping updates using a variety of mobile devices.

When used with a Trimble handheld device, the system also allows users to more accurately locate and map assets in the field, significantly improving the quality of critical infrastructure and asset management data.

Trimble’s service can also be used with iOS- and Android-based smartphones.

Trimble claims to provide a range of asset management and vehicle tracking services to water and wastewater utilities globally, and says its services have already resulted in major efficiency gains and productivity improvements in those organizations.
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