Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

PINC unveils new IoT service for improved supply chain management

Iain Morris
July 9, 2014
Software player PINC Solutions has launched a new enterprise yard management system (YMS) allowing customers to track trailer shipments across multiple facilities and manage their supply chains more efficiently.

The technology update includes a number of additional features, including mobility and dock scheduling capabilities, and is designed partly to eliminate any need for standalone alternatives.

PINC (Alameda, CA, USA) says that by providing real-time sensor data to existing supply chain systems – using cloud-computing technology – it can eliminate duplicate data entry and increase the value of investments in warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems and enterprise resource planning.

Because operational data is collected and analyzed on continuous basis by the PINC system, customers can quickly identify problems and take immediate action, says the company.

Among the highlights of the new YMS are an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platform that supports multiple sensor types and real-time door dock scheduling functionality.

The technology is also smartphone- and tablet-enabled and includes a ‘reefer monitoring option’ for recording temperatures, fuel levels and cooling cycles.

PINC also promises greater scalability and reliability thanks to its use of Amazon’s Web Services platform.

“We have made significant technology investments to better serve our customers,” said Ken Heller, senior vice president of supply chain excellence at DSC Logistics [Des Plaines, IL, USA], a supply chain management organization that has been working with PINC. “By collaborating with PINC we developed the capabilities to integrate our WMS with PINC’s YMS.”

“This provides the real-time visibility and execution capabilities to significantly improve turn-times for drop and live loads,” he added.
PINC says the updated YMS was developed in response to customer demand for more functionality.

“This pivotal release includes modern integration technology, mobility and dock scheduling capabilities into a single turnkey solution, eliminating the need for stand-alone alternatives,” said Matt Yearling, PINC’s chief executive.

PINC’s services are used by a number of leading brands in the manufacturing, retail, logistics and transportation sectors.

The company claims to be the market leader in delivering real-time location-based YMS, using an IoT sensor network compatible with RFID, GPS and cellular technologies.

PINC says its services have helped customers in a variety of industries to reduce costs and improve inventory management and asset utilization.
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