Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Tele2, NetComm aim to transform asset management in new tie-up

Iain Morris
July 9, 2014
Swedish operator Tele2 has flagged a new M2M partnership with hardware player NetComm Wireless whose goal is to transform asset management capabilities in areas such as industrial automation, security, smart cities and healthcare.

The partnership brings together NetComm’s (Sydney, Australia) expertise in developing M2M devices with Tele2’s (Stockholm, Sweden) connectivity capabilities and is aimed at helping businesses to monitor and control mission-critical equipment and assets through the use of remote-monitoring technologies.

The companies say their tie-up should allow customers to realize major operational and cost efficiencies thanks to the use of M2M technology.

Tele2 and NetComm say they will also select other M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) specialists that can help them develop a range of end-to-end services for key industry sectors.

“Tele2 set out to build partnerships that make it simple and viable for business customers to deploy M2M and IoT across their entire organization and we look forward to working with NetComm Wireless to deliver the seamless connection, customization and control capabilities needed to achieve this objective,” said Rami Avidan, the head of Tele2 M2M Global Solutions.

According to NetComm, Europe’s M2M industry is currently flourishing with demand for M2M services coming from a broad range of sectors in the region.

One attraction of the partnership from a customer perspective is the availability of a software development kit (SDK) with NetComm’s devices.

The devices are equipped with industry standard protocols for remote device management capabilities, but the SDK means business customers can perform troubleshooting, upgrade firmware and roll out new applications on the Tele2 network in real time.
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