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Wenco, Omnicomm enhance fleet management tech for mining companies

Iain Morris
July 9, 2014
Wenco International Mining Systems has introduced a new fuel efficiency system aimed at lowering costs for organizations in the mining sector.

Using sensor technology from Estonia’s Omnicomm (Narva, Estonia), the service is intended to help customers manage fuel scheduling, fuel delivery and current fuel tank levels more easily.

The sensors have been developed to provide accurate readings of digital fuel levels in mining equipment that does not come equipped with M2M functionality.

Wenco (Richmond, Canada) believes the new Dynamic Fuel Dispatch service – as it is branded – will enable organizations to improve fleet management and lower expenditure by supporting so-called ‘just-in-time refueling’.

Wenco provides a range of monitoring and asset-tracking services to companies in the mining sector, but fleet-management systems in this market are primarily aimed at fuel consumption optimization, making the choice of fuel monitoring equipment critical.

“Installed now at numerous Wenco client sites and integrated with Wenco’s fleet management system, the Omnicomm … sensors ensure high accuracy, readability and stability when calculating the exact level of fuel in the tank,” said Iosif Tabakman, Wenco’s regional director.

Controlling fuel expenses through efficient fleet operations has become a priority for mining players, according to Omnicomm and Wenco, with the industry facing a number of economic challenges.

Given the current slump in the global coal market, regional miners and contractors are under growing pressure to make better use of assets.
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