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Crossflight improves logistics service with TomTom M2M tech: Bauer

Iain Morris
July 2, 2014
Crossflight has made improvements to the courier service it provides by developing a more sophisticated logistics system using M2M technology from TomTom Telematics, reports Bauer Consumer Media.

The technology provides automatic updates on workflow progress from the moment a customer places the order through to its delivery.

According to the Bauer report, the service has allowed Crossflight (Colnbrook, UK) to complete collections faster and more efficiently than was previously possible.

Crossflight says the improvements have been made possible through the integration of its booking and dispatch software with Webfleet, the fleet management platform developed by TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

“This system has completely changed the way we work, cutting down on human error and administration time, while ensuring collections are completed more quickly,” said James Kelly, operations director at Crossflight, as quoted by Bauer.

“Previously, we would have to phone the driver and they would need to write down the order details and address, creating health and safety issues and preventing us from reacting quickly,” he is reported to have added. “But the new process has allowed us to deliver higher standards of customer service and reduce phone calls by 65%.”

The Crossflight service allows customers to schedule collections by phone or online, identifying the most appropriate driver to make the pick-up once the order has been logged.

Details are then sent directly to that driver’s in-cab navigation device, while the Crossflight back office receives a notification when the order has been read and also when the driver has accepted it.

Drivers also have the facility to enter proof of delivery notifications to their in-cab devices, which then updates back office software and shipment tracking history.

As a result, customers are able to monitor the progress of their entire order from start to finish using the Crossflight website.

Numerous logistics and fleet operators have been realizing efficiency improvements and cost savings through the use of M2M technology.
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