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Pedigree launches fluid-level monitoring service for tanker trailers

Iain Morris
July 2, 2014
Organizations transporting crude, produced water, acid, jet fuel and a variety of other liquid chemicals are being offered a new service allowing them to remotely monitor the fluid levels in moving tanker trailers and ensure proper handling is taking place.

The service has been developed by software player Pedigree Technologies (Fargo, ND, USA) in partnership with Pro-Fab Industries (Arborg, Canada), which manufactures products for the oil and gas industries, and Titan Logix (Edmonton, Canada), which develops level gauges for storage tanks and communications systems for remote alarming and control.

The so-called TD80 gauging system can be used to send fluid level readings to Pedigree’s OneView platform, which combines the data with details of the tank’s real-time GPS location, allowing companies to monitor tanks and other assets remotely.

“This is another example of how Pedigree Technologies is providing leadership in mobile resource management,” said Alex Warner, the chief executive and founder of Pedigree. “Customers requested this solution and we listened and developed it for them.”

“This system provides real-time supply chain visibility for customers, enabling them to manage mobile bulk fluids, measure loaded and unloaded inventories, increase productivity, and ensure proper handling, security and employee safety needs are met,” he added.

The system works by taking tank-level readings at five-minute intervals, when the tank is not moving, and can be programmed to send email and text-message alerts if fluid levels change from one stop to the next.

Pedigree says the system is partly designed to improve driver safety, eliminating any need for drivers to climb on top of tanks to take measurements.

Instead, tanks’ fluid-level displays are shown at eye level, using advanced digital displays.

The combination of the TD80 system with Pedigree’s OneView platform means that dispatchers can see where vehicles are located and how much product volume is left onboard.

“By partnering with expert companies like Pro-Fab Industries and Pedigree Technologies, we can offer additional utility and functionality to our customers,” said Greg McGillis, the president and chief executive of Titan Logix. “We are excited to add this integration to our portfolio of advanced technology fluid management ‘in the office’ solutions.”
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