Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Filipino operator Smart offers M2M to streamline enterprise operations

Iain Morris
July 2, 2014
Filipino telecoms operator Smart has introduced new M2M services designed to help enterprises streamline various operational processes and improve coordination between workers deployed in the field.

The operator’s Smart M2M PowerForm service is aimed at helping companies to cut down on printing costs and improve productivity by leveraging digital technology instead of printing.

According to a statement from Smart (Manila, Philippines), PowerForm lets businesses with field operations – such as credit card companies, insurance marketers and sales teams – process applications more quickly by sending the relevant portions of forms to the respective business units, speeding up review and approval processes.

Another service branded Smart M2M Workforce is intended to streamline coordination between field teams and corporate headquarters to ensure that services are more quickly delivered to clients.

The workforce solution supports the issuance of work tickets and work and productivity status reporting, allowing field agents to minimize response teams and letting head offices communicate with workers “on the fly”.

Smart says it expects the new services to boost productivity and drive results in businesses willing to adapt the solutions to their enterprises.

“The Internet of Things, which is basically what M2M solutions are about, is already moving beyond being just a buzzword,” said Eric Alberto, the executive vice president and head for enterprise, international and carrier business at Smart. “Smart is aware of this trend, and has already laid the groundwork to become the leader in providing relevant M2M solutions to local businesses.”

Smart cites research from IDC indicating the Internet of Things opportunity will grow from a $1.9 trillion industry in 2013 to a $7.1 trillion market by 2020.

“Businesses must act now in order to remain competitive as more firms drive profitability with the help of relevant and unique M2M solutions for their line of business,” said Jovy Hernandez, Smart’s enterprise sales and marketing head.

“Enterprises and SMEs will find that Smart Enterprise’s first-to-market solutions, coupled with our reliable mobile network nationwide, are trustworthy partners in their search for business growth,” added Hernandez.
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