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GE launches energy-saving smart bulb

Iain Morris
July 1, 2014
Industrial giant GE has introduced a new connected LED bulb that lets consumers remotely control home lighting from anywhere and save money on monthly energy bills.

The bulb can also “sync” with other connected devices and is controllable by means of GE’s Wink app, which can be downloaded on to smartphones running off the Apple and Android operating systems.

GE (Fairfield, CT, USA) said the Link-branded bulb would eliminate the need for expensive add-ons that are typically associated with connected devices, making it a smart and cost-effective way for consumers to light up their homes.

The bulb is set to become available for pre-order this week through Home Depot’s (Atlanta, GA, USA) online service, and will retail for less than $15, said GE.

From autumn 2014, consumers will be able to buy the LED bulb in Home Depot stores.

GE says the bulb comes in three varieties – a 60-watt replacement bulb suitable for general lighting in table and floor lamps; an indoor floodlight LED that can be used in dining room, living room or other entertainment spaces; and a spotlight LED intended for outdoor security.

“Our very own Thomas Edison built the first commercially viable bulb, and today we’re proud to announce the first commercially viable connected bulb designed for Wink users,” says John Strainic, the general manager for North America consumer lighting for GE. “We know the quality of light consumers love and want in their homes, and we’re a brand they trust.”

GE says the bulbs will provide a range of benefits to consumers, giving them more control over lighting and allowing them to switch lights on when on vacation to give the appearance that someone is at home.

Perhaps the biggest advantage, however, is in the area of energy savings.

“If you’re gone for the day and realize the kids left the lights on upstairs, now you simply switch off the lights from your smartphone, helping save money on your monthly energy bill,” said GE in a statement.
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