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Medtech to pursue Australian trials of remote health-monitoring service

Iain Morris
June 25, 2014
Healthcare IT player Medtech has received an extra AUD1.6 million ($1.5 million) in funding from authorities in the Australian state of Victoria to pursue trials of its VitelMed telehealth service, designed to support the remote monitoring of chronic heart failure patients.

Medtech (South Melbourne, Australia) says the Victorian government’s grant will allow it to take VitelMed to the validation stage of the Heath Market Validation Program (Health MVP) in Victoria.

The Health MVP is described as a AUD15 million government program to promote healthcare innovation.

Authorities claim it uses an international best practice model for encouraging innovation to improve healthcare service delivery.

The Health MVP initiative is working in partnership with various Victorian health agencies as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises focused on the healthcare opportunity.

The various parties are aiming to improve health service delivery by through the development of new healthcare technologies, such as those allowing patients to monitor their conditions within their own homes and transmit data about the status of their health to caregivers.

Medtech had previously announced plans to partner with Victoria-based healthcare provider Peninsula Health on the development of a remote monitoring system for chronic heart failure (CHF) patients – allowing users to automatically report personal health data to their health service through the internet or using portable smart devices.

“This will enable CHF patients to remain in their home for longer and reduce periods of hospitalisation,” said Vino Ramayah, the chief executive of Medtech. “It will also enable access to healthcare through teleheath.”

“This project will provide a proving ground for reducing the cost of healthcare for CHF patients particularly in Victoria but also worldwide,” he added. “The VitelMed technology solution used for this CHF telehealth will be useful for the management of other chronic diseases in future.”

Rama Kumble, Medtech’s chief technology officer, said the major benefit of VitelMed was in allowing clinicians to provide targeted care at the point of need.

“Using commercially-available, popular medical devices, tablets and mobile phones has made our solution affordable and commercially sustainable,” he said. “The technology enables patients’ involvement in self-care with a simple user interface.”
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