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San MediTech to launch "sports" version of mobile health monitoring service

Iain Morris
June 25, 2014
Glucose-monitoring specialist San MediTech has announced plans to launch a “sports” version of its mobile health service that will be specially designed for individuals who regularly engage in sports or are physically active.

The new system will be ideally suited to individuals in the military, paramilitary forces and law enforcement, says San MediTech (Huzhou, China), besides professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

San MediTech recently launched what it claimed was the world’s first mobile health dynamic glucose monitoring system, allowing diabetes sufferers to monitor glucose levels by means of a mobile phone app.

The service works by linking the app to San MediTech’s proprietary biosensor, wireless transmission, cloud calculation, GPS and 3G technologies, and allows diabetics to monitor glucose levels around the clock.

San MediTech says that hospital-based systems do not accurately reflect glucose conditions of a diabetic going through a normally active daily routine, and that its technology allows users to chart the influence of exercise, diet, mood and habits on glucose levels and make adjustments to their lifestyles based on the monitoring data.

Diabetics taking insulin can also use the system to evaluate the effectiveness of their medication and adjust dosages accordingly.

The forthcoming sports version will similarly be capable of charting glucose, but will also be able to record the wearer’s heartbeat, heart rate, blood pressure and aspartic acid levels, among other life signs.

The device will be designed to be worn on the upper arm and will transmit data to the user’s mobile phone and from there to a “backstage” cloud management platform.

Through the device, users will also be able to communicate with the product’s support team, who can monitor the wearer’s physical condition and provide personalized feedback.

San MediTech says the device will provide “life protection” but also let military personnel and sportsmen monitor their physical abilities, allowing them to hone their skills.
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